Update: This contest is closed to further voting. Contratulations to caitstoecks – her set #13 pulled in 98 votes! Thank you so much to everyone that entered, your sets were amazing and definitely inspiring – I found myself on several occasions saying things like, “who would have thought to pair those boots with that dress, but it totally works!” Thanks again!

Previous entry: LuLus.com is giving one lucky reader the dress of her choice, but she needs your vote to win. We challenged our fashionistas to create a Polyvore set using only items found at LuLus.com – the dress of her choice, accessories, and shoes. Please vote for your favorite set below. Click the entry to view the outfit details at Polyvore.


Which set wins the dress?

  • Set #1 by ohchesire (6% - 19 votes)
  • Set #2 by ohchesire (0% - 0 votes)
  • Set #3 by Ladyboarder9669 (1% - 4 votes)
  • Set #4 by ferriz (0% - 0 votes)
  • Set #5 by meghannoward (0% - 0 votes)
  • Set #6 by harleyquinnnnn (0% - 0 votes)
  • Set #7 by Taylor_Rast (1% - 2 votes)
  • Set #8 by happishopr (0% - 0 votes)
  • Set #9 by jayoh (1% - 4 votes)
  • Set #10 by ohchesire (0% - 1 votes)
  • Set #11 by LuckyKitten (0% - 1 votes)
  • Set #12 by Jennifer Hicks (1% - 4 votes)
  • Set #13 by caitstoecks (32% - 98 votes)
  • Set #14 by Kris1129 (11% - 33 votes)
  • Set #15 by monkum (0% - 1 votes)
  • Set #16 by monkum (0% - 0 votes)
  • Set #17 by monkum (0% - 0 votes)
  • Set #18 by monkum (0% - 0 votes)
  • Set #19 by Loveheart2010 (0% - 0 votes)
  • Set #20 by Mane Corze (0% - 1 votes)
  • Set #21 by abacaxi (0% - 0 votes)
  • Set #22 by abacaxi (0% - 0 votes)
  • Set #23 by lυlυ τhε ṃαṉģø ṃεṉαсε (0% - 1 votes)
  • Set #24 by 4everChristie (0% - 1 votes)
  • Set #25 by LuckyKitten (0% - 1 votes)
  • Set #26 by abacaxi (0% - 0 votes)
  • Set #27 by abacaxi (1% - 2 votes)
  • Set #28 by abacaxi (0% - 1 votes)
  • Set #29 by abacaxi (0% - 0 votes)
  • Set #30 by Maria Palma (1% - 4 votes)
  • Set #31 by LuckyKitten (0% - 0 votes)
  • Set #32 by CHICAFASHION (0% - 0 votes)
  • Set #33 by eboni.ife (1% - 3 votes)
  • Set #34 by Taylor_Rast (0% - 1 votes)
  • Set #35 by Kalaniz (0% - 1 votes)
  • Set #36 by chrisrosea (0% - 0 votes)
  • Set #37 by cucumberduh (0% - 0 votes)
  • Set #38 by cucumberduh (0% - 0 votes)
  • Set #39 by decellov (25% - 77 votes)
  • Set #40 by Kalaniz (0% - 1 votes)
  • Set #41 by ohchesire (0% - 1 votes)
  • Set #42 by cucumberduh (0% - 0 votes)
  • Set #43 by slicksuzy (0% - 0 votes)
  • Set #44 by aniela111 (0% - 0 votes)
  • Set #45 by LuckyKitten (0% - 0 votes)
  • Set #46 by ohchesire (0% - 0 votes)
  • Set #47 by LuckyKitten (0% - 0 votes)
  • Set #48 by LuckyKitten (0% - 0 votes)
  • Set #49 by LuckyKitten (0% - 0 votes)
  • Set #50 by meghannoward (0% - 1 votes)
  • Set #51 by Jennifer Hicks (0% - 0 votes)
  • Set #52 by Kaitlin Z (0% - 0 votes)
  • Set #53 by GaiaDE (1% - 2 votes)
  • Set #54 by alisonn78 (0% - 0 votes)
  • Set #55 by meghannoward (4% - 13 votes)
  • Set #56 by LuckyKitten (0% - 1 votes)
  • Set #57 by pinkxpolkadotxcutie (0% - 1 votes)
  • Set #58 by fleurdeliz (0% - 0 votes)
  • Set #59 by LuckyKitten (0% - 1 votes)
  • Set #60 by Erin York (0% - 0 votes)
  • Set #61 by chantexo (0% - 0 votes)
  • Set #62 by Living Fly on a Dime (0% - 0 votes)
  • Set #63 by 4everChristie (0% - 0 votes)
  • Set #64 by 4everChristie (0% - 0 votes)
  • Set #65 by abacaxi (0% - 0 votes)
  • Set #66 by abacaxi (0% - 0 votes)
  • Set #67 by lisacroft10 (0% - 1 votes)
  • Set #68 by decellov (0% - 0 votes)
  • Set #69 by Taylor_Rast (0% - 0 votes)
  • Set #70 by Taylor_Rast (1% - 2 votes)
  • Set #71 by Taylor_Rast (0% - 0 votes)
  • Set #72 by Taylor_Rast (0% - 0 votes)
  • Set #73 by abacaxi (0% - 0 votes)
  • Set #74 by Christina_07 (0% - 0 votes)
  • Set #75 by decellov (1% - 2 votes)
  • Set #76 by lisacroft10 (0% - 0 votes)
  • Set #77 by lisacroft10 (0% - 1 votes)
  • Set #78 by lisacroft10 (0% - 0 votes)
  • Set #79 by KayleyFC (0% - 0 votes)
  • Set #80 by Kalaniz (0% - 0 votes)
  • Set #81 by monkum (1% - 2 votes)
  • Set #82 by monkum (0% - 1 votes)
  • Set #83 by harleyquinnnnn (1% - 3 votes)
  • Set #84 by lace and pearls (10% - 20 votes)


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We’ve been covering super-glam holiday party looks all week long and this Steal the Real is no exception. This year, the big trend in holiday looks is black lace. I am so in love with this edgy meets elegant Stella McCartney lace puff shoulder jacket, as seen on Victoria Beckham, but I’m not in love with the price at $3,365!!! Wow, really? $3,365??? You can save a whole lotta cash with our Steal that retails for only $84.00, for a difference of $3,281 from the Real at ShockBoutique.com!

Stella also made a beautiful dress version of this look as seen on the gorgeous Rachel McAdams and Anouck Lepere – tuck the lace jacket into a skirt to achieve the same look. Rumer Willis also paired it with a pair of black wide legs pants for a sexy, yet sophisticated look. Holla back girls – if you love this jacket, let me know what you think.


Who rocked Stella McCartney best?

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Ok, so here’s my thing. I keep buying heels lately and I just don’t wear them. In fact, I’m actually nervous because I’ve been hooked on flats for so long that when I wear heels, I stumble around like a drunk girl. It’s crazy for me to admit that because not so long ago, my everyday (going to Home Depot and the grocery store) shoes were heels. So, I’m thinking, I need training wheel heels – you know a thick chunky heel as my gateway to all the amazing heels I’ve bought over the past couple of years.

Besides all of the above excuses to get these heels, luckily for me, chunky heels are way in style right now. In fact, I found these Chinese Laundry Sassyfras Mary Janes (Zappos $88.95) while looking for a Rachel Bilson look for less as she is seen in a pair of Chloe Mary Jane chunky heels all the time. This shoe is like a heel and a clog, both of which are very popular right now, had a cute little mary jane baby. It’s just adorable and because of the color, it can be worn with anything. Rachel was seen wearing her Chloe Mary Janes in a variety of outfits from a bow blouse and cigarette jeans to long denim shorts and a cardigan. So what do you think, should I go for it?


Should I go for it?

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Update: This contest is closed to further entries. Thank you all so much for the amazing entries!!! As you can tell by the reader poll, the Swirling Peppermints set by lace and pearls took the lead and won the sunless tanner set by Sun Laboratories! Check back for another contest coming soon!

I hope you all will help me find a winner for our Sun Laboratories Sunless Tanner Set giveaway by voting on your favorite Polyvore set above. The criteria is not just best style, but best summer style. We want to know which outfit you think exudes current trends in summer style, or will look best with a summer tan! Thanks for your help!


Who's Got Summer Style?

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Nude Heels For Spring - Get The Look For Less

Nude heels are a MUST-HAVE for Spring 2010. Rachel Zoe listed them in her guide that included 20 “not-so-basic” wardrobe essentials. I love how Kristin Cavallari legs look so long in her flesh-toned pumps and super short shorts. In fact, I plan on OD’ing on light neutrals, florals, and pastels for the upcoming season. Here are the 3 nude pumps that I’ve narrowed my selection down to, and I didn’t have to look any further than Zappos.com. I love that they offer free shipping and free (365 day) return shipping on all orders!

The first pair are the Catch Me woven leather pumps for $97.97. I think these are so on-trend right now; however, a nude pump should be a basic that can be worn with everything in your closet, so I’m undecided on this pair. The next pair are the Roxy cross-cut strappy pumps by Promiscuous and sell for $74.00. I love the platform and the covered heel on these pumps; however, they may be a bit dark to count as a nude. The third pair of pumps are the Love Me caged platform pumps for $70.50 (last seen in our L.A.M.B. Steal the Real), and I believe they may be the most wearable of the three. Hope you’ll help me decide – fashion over function, or both?


Which nude pumps should I get for Spring?

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Hair - Get The Celebrity Look For Less


Short Bob w/ Long Bangs - Get The Look For Less

Update: Thanks for helping me decide on my new do. I posted this poll a couple of months ago, but when the Rihanna do won, I decided to wait until the beginning of the year so that I could keep it long throughout winter. I went almost as short as Rihanna because I didn’t want to go into shock, but I’m going back for a bit shorter when I am in the mood for spring. The back is completely gone, almost buzzed, and there there are long pieces in the front. Thanks again for helping me decide and I will post more pics soon.

November 1, 2009: This makes me so freakin nervous, but I trust my readers. I’m in need of a change and I’m ready for a new do. I can’t decide between taking it all off Rihanna style, or just some shaggy Kate Moss layers. I used to have super short, Halle Berry style hair and grew it all out for my wedding. I’ve gone to the hair dresser a couple of times since then to cut it off, but for some reason, my heart starts to race.

For the past decade, I’ve had every version of short hair, and for some reason, I’ve become so chicken lately. In fact, my hairdresser used to save magazine covers for me knowing that of his clients, I’d be the only one that would go for it. Now he just laughs at me when I freak out. I hope I have the nerve to go through with whatever you all decide for me. Please vote below.


Which cut should I get?

  • Rihanna's Short Rocker Chic Bob (57% - 104 votes)
  • Kate Moss's Carefree Long Layers (43% - 94 votes)


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In case you missed it, we posted a 1 Dress, 4 Ways contest last week. Check out our entries below… they are amazing! Now I need your help in choosing the fashionista that styled their favorite dress in the four most creative ways (see poll below). One lucky reader will win the Lulus.com dress of her choice! Voting ends midnight (Pacific) December 4th.


1. Rebecca

Rebecca - Get The Look For Less


I’m wearing one of my favorite dresses and it’s so versatile. My favorite way, is to turn the bottom into a bubble hem with safety pins!

Rebecca’s Fav Lulu*s Dress: BB Dakota Kay Dress in Black

2. Dana

Dana - Get The Look For Less


I love my Urban outfitters dress just for this reason, it’s so easy to wear with anything and it’s got exactly my style already designed into it: ruffles and hardware. :) I love mixing things up: ruffles and menswear/ prep and punk/ stripes and dots. I believe you should stick to classics and add your own spunk to everything you wear. Included is my pup, which is also the perfect accessory to any outfit (black goes with anything!) …thanks!

Dana’s Fav Lulu*s Dress: Calico Skies Dress by Collective Concepts

3. Juls

Juls - Get The Look For Less


I decided to take this blue “hand me down” dress from my mom and make it into something special. Everyone knows that the black dress is very versatile and that’s how it makes it’s way into our closets and hearts, but a splash of color can really make you stand out.

The first look is the dress with a denim jacket, studded belt, layered necklace, chunky sandals, and a denim bag. I figured this would be a perfect look for going out with the girls for a drink.

The second look is really fun. There’s an ivory tank underneath and lacy leggings with a belt, necklace, peep toe pumps, and a classic black bag. This would be more for going to a fun party.

The third look is the night time elegance look. Good for a special date or a family dinner. I paired the dress with a gray sweater, some thrifted pearl look a likes, black tights, black booties, and a sophisticated bag.

Lastly, I wore the dress as a shirt with jeans, good for a shopping trip or walking around in the city. I wore this with a scarf, a sheer knit, jeans, flats, and a small bag. Perfect for a city that may be windy or chilly. Hope you like it :)

Juls’s Fav Lulu*s Dress: The Vanishing Act Dress

4. Chelsea

Chelsea - Get The Look For Less


My idea behind these outfits was to take a dress that is accessible to every girl and put four different spins on it. It is a little black dress that I bought from Forever 21 for $10.50–everyone can afford it and most everyone should be able to find something similar in a store at their mall. I wanted to show that you can wear the classic LBD in almost any situation–casual, dressed up, playful, and glamorous. None of the added accessories or clothing pieces cost more than $20, with the exception of the knee high boots, which were $49. All of these are truly looks for less!

Chelsea’s Fav Lulu*s Dress: Master Macabre Dress in Purple by Collective Concepts

5. Trina

Trina - Get The Look For Less


My foundation dress is one that I’ve had for about 12 years purchased from Express. Its such a classic staple I thought it would be the perfect dress for this contest. Most people have a LBD (little black dress) that they can transform with different shoes & accessories.

I had a hard time narrowing down my selections though. But I had to incorporate the shoe jewelry (my latest obsession) into one of the outfits! Hope you like!

Cocktail Party: LBD, fur coat, wristlet, nude fishnets, satin bow pumps, black and gold jewelry=Super Glam

Date night: LBD, grey kimono, silk sash, peacock bangle, black pumps & the ultimate sexy shoe accessory:shoe chains= Smokin’ Hot

Chillaxin’: LBD, magenta banded bottom top, houndstooth scarf, black scrunch boots = Cute & Comfy

Workin’ 9 to 5: LBD, black tights, black & cream ruffled top, black belt, black cardigan, black pumps = Sexy Sophisticate

Trina’s Fav Lulu*s Dress: Botticelli Dress by Collective Concepts

6. Daniela

Daniela - Get The Look For Less


A little more about my four outfits: I decided to delete my other entry and be a little more creative. That’s the reason why I picked a difficult dress like this black one w/ruffles. I tried to create a sexy look, a more classic one (even though it is a little edgy too), one for colder days ( I live in Florida, so this one was hard!), and an everyday look!

Daniela’s Fav Lulu*s Dress: Tranquility Dress in Purple

7. Kayley

Kayley - Get The Look For Less


For this contest, I decided to use a denim strapless dress that I got for $5 or so from dressky.com. The themes for each outfit are listed above the corresponding image. The overall idea is “outfits for the everyday”.

As for my personal style, I’m really a dress-and-boot kind of girl. I think the “out on the town” dress is closest to my usual attire. :]

Kayley’s Fav Lulu*s Dress: Sparkplug Wrap Dress

8. Jen

Jen - Get The Look For Less


The mini dress is from Motel Rocks and I like to pair it up with pants, knits, and other warm clothes so I can wear it in the fall…a great way to expand my fall wardrobe without spending any money!

Jen’s Fav Lulu*s Dress: Insatiable Sensation Dress

9. Melissa

Melissa - Get The Look For Less


I got this dress for just $10 at TJ Maxx! These looks are inspired by a naughty schoolgirl that’s more grown-up, with just enough edge and rock n roll. In the first, I mixed it with shiny leather type leggings and studded pumps. The second is with a long soft brown sweater and gray boots. The third is peep-toe red pumps, a double heart locket necklace and earrings I made. The fourth is my fave, with a white top, black vest and the plaid dress just as the skirt. I have to mention that both the black studded pumps and black boots are Kenneth Cole, the pumps were another steal at $30 from TJ Maxx, while the boots I got on sale at last year at $60.

Melissa’s Fav Lulu*s Dress: Earl Grey Day Dress

10. Charee

Charee - Get The Look For Less


I purchased this mini dress about 2 years ago from Guess and I ♥ it. I can wear it as a dress or tunic. My fave look is the “rockstar chic” where I paired this mini dress with liquid leggings, my fave caged booties, a leather jacket and a scarf.

Charee’s Fav Lulu*s Dress: Jane Siegel Dress


Who Should Win The '1 Dress, 4 Ways' Contest?

  • 1. Rebecca (36% - 554 votes)
  • 2. Dana (1% - 23 votes)
  • 3. Juls (2% - 35 votes)
  • 4. Chelsea (2% - 26 votes)
  • 5. Trina (19% - 294 votes)
  • 6. Daniela (7% - 107 votes)
  • 7. Kayley (1% - 19 votes)
  • 8. Jen (8% - 121 votes)
  • 9. Melissa (2% - 31 votes)
  • 10. Charee (22% - 414 votes)


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Thanksgiving Day Dress - Get The Look For Less

Update: Hey everyone, thanks so much for helping me decide on a Thanksgiving dinner party dress. I hoped this poll would help me control myself, but I ended up going with your top two picks, hahah! I’m going to wear your first choice, The Concord Drape Dress, to Thanksgiving dinner and the Fashion Fricasseee Dress on a date with my man or out with my girlfriends! I just got the dresses in the mail and they are amazing! Thank you all for helping me decide! So happy to take this post from “My Wish List” to “In My Closet” – I ♥ ModCloth.com!

Previous Post – 11.09.09 – Oh, ModCloth, why must you tempt me with all of your beautiful dresses. Thanksgiving is coming up and I need a dress for our family dinner gathering. My family is southern and conservative (no short dresses), but oh so fun, and of course, I always want to look stylish. I’ve painfully narrowed my choices down to 3 from many.

The red dress is so unique and I love the beautiful fold-over collar; however, I may pick this one up for a Christmas get-together. I thought I was sold on the black and white dress because it is so my style, pretty and a little bit edgy, but then ModCloth introduced the purple skirt dress – I believe it has my name all over it. I love the purple high-waisted pleated bow skirt with a hint of a sheen and the bell sleeves on the deep blue ruffle top are so pretty. It looks like jewel-tone separates that I so intelligently put together, hehe. Hope you’ll help me decide – please vote below.

PS – all dresses are under $53!!! How’s that for a look for less?

♥♥♥ 10% Off Vintage Fashion. Enter “ModAffiliate10″ for 10% off order at ModCloth.com!


Which Dress Should I Get For Thanksgiving Dinner Party

  • 1. Concord Drape Dress - $52.99 (52% - 64 votes)
  • 2. Fashion Fricassee Dress - $44.99 (30% - 37 votes)
  • 3. Plaid Judgment Dress in Keen - $49.99 (18% - 23 votes)


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Cage Strappy Platform Pumps - Get The Look For Less

Charlotte Russe is having another free shipping sale. I always stock up because their site has more to offer and I can return what doesn’t fit at my local CR (no shipping either way).

Hope you’ll help me decide which color strappy cage platform pumps I should get. Whenever I’m stumped I turn to the fashion experts – my readers :) I was going for the black and then realized they came in taupe also. Oh decisions, decisions. Both will go with everything in my closet. They have a matte faux leather finish, cage strap details, peep-toe, and a back zipper closure. I do love the two tone of the taupe pumps – the platform below the peep-toe is a darker faux wood brown, which is very cool. Love!

Enjoy free shipping on every order of $35+ from 11/15 through 11/25 at CharlotteRusse.com!


Which Color Strappy Cage Platforms Should I Get?

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