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Missoni For Target
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Missoni For Target – On Sale Now!

Have any of you shopped the Missoni for Target collection yet? My friend Ursula was beyond excited and sent me these pics this morning. She tweeted that she must have looked like a hoarder running through target. I’m pretty sure she was there right after dropping the kids off at school lol. Can you imagine what a tease it is to see what she picked up as I’m stuck at my office desk???

Ursula has a 4-year old daughter that I refer to as “my neice” and I can’t wait to see her in the skirt and poncho! That little girl has personality for days and will wear it well. Ursula is also an amazing interior decorator, so I love sneaking a peak at what she picked up from the home collection.

With over 400 pieces, Missoni for Target is the retail giant’s largest designer collaboration to date and I can’t wait to add a few zig-zags to my closet! Check out the lookbook here and let me know what pieces you can’t wait to pick up. Already checked out the collection in person? Let me know what you think!

Missoni Madness – Target’s website is currently experiencing technical difficulties. You think it has anything to do with the Missoni launch lol? A note from Target: “We were prepared for traffic, but the sheer volume seems to have been more than we anticipated.” There’s also been tweets of cart thieves, so watch your back and your Missoni while shopping the collection in stores lol.


  1. Stacie says:

    I bought the area run that’s offered online only this morning. It’s perfect for my room in terms of size and coloring. Can’t wait to get it.

  2. Lauren says:


  3. Lori says:

    It would have been nice to be able to shop, but the “e-bayers” wiped out my store before 9 a.m. It’s crazy, there are no less than 4,000 items already listed on e-bay. . .kind of defeats the purpose of a designer collab on a budget if all the stuff ends up on e-bay over MSRP. . .:(

    • Erin says:

      Amen sister..preach! I was seriously heartbroken after arriving 15 min after my target opened, only able to score a button down blouse and pair of pumps 1/2 size too small while
      other shoppers whizzed by me with carts piled high gabbing on their cells about the profit they would make off of their finds.

  4. Kristin says:

    My store was cleaned out, but I did manage to score the flats and a scarf!

  5. Elizabeth says:

    I stopped by the Target near my office after work today. Thankfully it’s in a small town, and even the Target associates had no idea how popular the Missoni line was elsewhere. Only the accessories section had been hit hard. Every other section had plenty of stock. Unfortunately I was caught up in the excitement and came home with WAY more than I needed!

  6. Adiel says:

    It’s lucky I’m a good person because I could have easily snatched things right out of other people’s carts at Target today. But I didn’t make out too bad for being late and honest! ;)

  7. 365HANGERS says:

    Wow!! She’s lucky she got so much. Bummer so many people are buying + re-selling.. but it’s nice to see a few success stories :). The shorts are def. my fave piece!

  8. Tracie says:

    I managed to snag the black sweater with the flower yesterday and today one Target just put out the robes so I managed to get one of those. Other than that NADA!!

  9. alyson says:

    oh my gosh that’s intense! I made out with a few things but am going to return one or two because a friend found me flats and i got the zig zag tee — both of which i wanted more. the rain boots are currently in my house, but do i need? well, do i need anything? haha, let me not answer. :)

  10. Ale says:

    Well, well, I think u are one of the reasons why I was not able to purchase any Missoni pieces (just kidding). I am very disappointed with the sale. I had to wait until the next day because the website was down. I live in Puerto Rico and I don’t have a Target nearby (there’s no target here due to a lousy brand name suit). Yesterday, I was able to buy the bralette chemise combo and that was it. So good riddance for those of you who were able to buy you hearts out. Enjoy the Missoni madness.

    P.S. The collection was amazing, I would had buy a lot of stuff myself if I was able to. The sad thing is that they are not planning on restocking. :(

    • i wasn’t able to pick up a thing! i’m so sad and a little shocked at how everything played out. i worked and then had a dinner with friends the day it was released. i went back on wednesday and there was NOTHING left. such a disappointment. if you look on ebay there is a ton there. someone on twitter referred to it as “fashion scalping” and that is so true. ebay has to do something about this! i am seeing a lot of people buy entire jewelmint collections, and other brands, so that it sells out and then they are up-charging the products on ebay. the true fans are missing out! it’s really sad. i also think target should have had a limit to the quantity one person could pick up. or restock since this was a major fail! it’s such a bummer!

    • Ale says:

      I know about the ebay scam. I love ebay, but honestly I’m not planning on buying anything there. I’m not sponsoring that kind of customer scam. I was not able to buy anything else, so I will have to live with it. I read that the same happened with the NY pop-up store.

  11. Tracie says:

    Don’t you love under the descriptions on Ebay they put “Hard to find” yeah because of you you nimrod!!!

  12. Maddy says:

    I went to my local target the afternoon the line launched and it was completely sold out…however, the lady that i talked to who worked there said that everything would be on ebay, but probably marked up 3 times :(

    • Bro says:

      Hi Maddy and ladies, I’m just as upset over the whole sold out Missoni for Target. I was also told to look at Craigslist. I did and there’s 80 posts and counting doing the same mark ups! One girl said that she bought two of everything and will sell her second collection at 20% more than the price and that’s fair considering gas and her time. Whatever!

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